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Nevada, California and Hawaii Estate Planning Attorney  – Mediator – Negotiator-Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor -Tahoe Rim Trail Ambassador – Dive Master - TAMBA trail Building Crew Leader-Founder of Kai Aina Love stewardship


I won the primary on a no-money campaign with no campaign team.   Instead of going to party headquarters, I took to the streets where I met Nevadans face to face.  I enjoyed campaigning around Nevada talking to people about the issues that they care about.  I am moderate and ready to take the corruption out of Congress.  Now I’m on the campaign trail.


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      Hi I’m, Kristen Spees, from Incline Village, Nevada.  I’m running for Congress because I want to make progress for our state and our country by helping to create long-term policy solutions for the next generation.  My platform is based on government transparency and creating an informed citizenry.  I want residents to be informed about what is going on in the government and I want everyone to be able to make well-founded decisions when voting.  Transparency provides information for citizens about what the government is doing and it promotes accountability.   I want to help people understand how the government can work for them by teaching and informing residents about the pros and cons of important issues like medicaid expansion, Obama Care, the government shutdown, fracking, campaign finance reform, renewable energy and other issues that affect residents.   For the government to function properly we must have an enlightened citizenry and a transparent and open government.
I’ve traveled to over 45 countries studying and learning about comparative politics, Rule of Law and foreign policy.  With this experience, I would like to apply the best practices and ideas of foreign nations to our government.  It’s important for us to plan for the future and ensure that our safety, health, environment and well-being are preserved.   Congress is dealing with huge issues like government spending, budget management, healthcare, medicare and social security that will have an impact on the generations to come.  These decisions affect everyone, especially the younger generations that are not represented.   I’m passionate about getting involved to represent my fellow Nevadans by focusing on preserving the freedom that we have today.  I believe that the government should leave as much to individual states to decide as possible.   I want to show Nevadans that I will go to Washington to stand up for our state.    Thomas Jefferson wrote that we have the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Protecting these unalienable rights are of the utmost importance to me and I will fight to ensure that everyone has these rights.

Education, certificates and licenses:2013-06-07 14.45.30

Member of the Nevada State Bar Association
Member of the California State Bar Association
Member of the Hawaii State Bar Association
Thomas Jefferson school of Law 2011
Juris Doctorate in Law, certificate in Global Legal Studies
Certificate in Mediation
University of Hawaii at Manoa 2008
B.A. in Political Science and certificate in Spanish
Incline High School 2005

PADI certified Rescue Diver
SDI certified Dive Master
Motorcycle license, class M
CPR/First Aid certified
Certified TABMA/USFS Trail Building Crew Leader

Kristen Spees is licensed attorney in Nevada, California and Hawaii.  She currently does wills and trusts with her family at the law firm of Spees & Spees Estate Planning Attorneys in Incline Village, Nevada.  Most recently she has been volunteering with the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Justice court, volunteer coaching for the Incline High school “We the People” mock congressional hearing team, and she has been doing research for WasteNot in order to protect Lake Tahoe from pesticide use.   

Kristen grew up in Incline Village and graduated from Incline High school in 2005.  She played the clarinet and saxophone throughout middle and high school and in the University of Hawaii Jazz band.  During high school she was on the “We the People” mock congressional hearing team.  Her class won the Nevada State competition and went on the compete in Washington D.C.   She went on to study Political Science and Spanish at the University of Hawaii and then went directly to law school at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.

In 2006, Kristen was elected President of Noelani student housing at the University of Hawaii where she implemented a recycling program, ran student activities and balanced the student budget.   In 2006 she was also a candidate for student body president of the University of Hawaii.   In 2008 she started a stewardship group called Kai Aina Love, (, in which she organized hikes and beach cleanups, bringing together students, members of the community and scientists to help clean up the environment and to learn more about the area.   

 Study abroad programs2012-09-26 17.40.07
2003-2004 Rotary Youth Exchange Student- Patagonia, Argentina
 2007  Université de la Polynésie- Puna Auia, Tahiti
 2008 University of Technology Sydney- Sydney, Australia
 2011  Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Faculté de Droit- Nice, France
 2011  Guanghua Law School, Zhejiang University- Hangzhou, China